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Payment methods

By credit card

With this system, payment is made online through the secure pages of La Caixa.

The data is retained at any time for SBR Store, but are sent through a secure protocol (https) to the bank, which is who makes the payment at that moment.

Cards accepted

For security reasons we reserve the right to reject any of these transactions, then offering other payment options.


Through PayPal

Registering with your Paypal username and password.

We'll validate your identity and make the payment through your Paypal account associated with.

Pay with PayPal

The entire payment process is done in the secure pages of this intermediate entity.


By bank transfer

Your order will be pending until you receive the confirmation of income by the bank.

The delivery will from this date.

The bank details for bank transfer are:

Account Number laCaixa

nº: 2100 / 0476 / 97 / 0200165944

In the Sender field indicates the order number and your name.


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