Designed and engineered to work in unison with the H.rallycargoShort_S7, this padded boxer short takes design features seen in the S7 series of shorts, the security of the impact pads seen in our T.rallyShort_S7 and the comfort of the mille insert, giving you ASSOS comfort under the style of a baggy mountain bike short. Something new for ASSOS, these boxers will take your mountain biking to the next level.


These are to be used in conjunction with our H.rallycargoShort_S7 and worn directly against your skin for the ultimate performance and comfort.

Produced from a super lightweight material, these are perfect, particularly for warmer days. Paired with a skinFoil body insulator, they will become a central part of your ASSOS mountain biking outfit, offering the flexibility to be used in all conditions.

Incorporating the design features seen on the waist of our H.mille_S7 short and giving you the most technologically advanced comfort, these lightweight boxers have been engineered to give you the S7 comfort alongside our all-new H.rallycargoShort_S7 without causing your body to overheat. Taking one of the key design features from our T.rallyShort_S7, we have included small pockets on the sides of the boxers to allow you to place our impactPads in these shorts, giving you a little more security if you should take a tumble.


1. Low pressure waist design as seen on the H.mille_S7 short for increased comfort and stability in these boxers.
2. Constructed using a super lightweight, high-stretch and very soft fabric to give you S7 generation comfort.
3. Designed and constructed with external seams to reduce friction and increase comfort.
4. At the centre of these boxers is the mille insert, which has been positioned to give you maximum comfort when riding in the more upright position of mountain biking.
5. Two pockets on the sides of these boxers to allow the use of our impactPads.

Hip protection thanks to impactPads
Low pressure waist design for increased comfort
Mille insert, specifically positioned for optimal comfort when mountain biking
Lightweight, highly elastic and soft material for ultimate comfort
Designed specifically to be used with the H.rallycargoShort_S7


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